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After reviewing the Nova Scotia EECD outcomes and talking with teachers, we developed a fun, interactive, and engaging presentation giving an overview of Nova Scotia's Gaelic culture and the influence Gaels have had on both our past and our present. During the hour your students might

  • learn some Gaelic phrases
  • view a Powerpoint presentation 
  • sing a milling song and 'mill' a cloth
  • dance a few steps
  • try on a great kilt
  • listen to live fiddle tunes
  • 'read' some Gaelic books
We have hour long presentations adapted for different age groups from Primary to grade 8; we can also teach some traditional Gaelic games or a square set figure or two to your Phys. Ed. class, or sing and play fiddle tunes with your Music class! Message us on Facebook, fill out our contact page, or email us at to book a visit to your school!

We've had the opportunity to speak with thousands of elementary students in Nova Scotia.  Here's what some of their teachers have had to say...

"What an amazing day today. Every teacher was thrilled with the caliber of the girls’ presentation. They are natural, confident teachers. They ran a flawless program and are very knowledgeable. The kids all loved it, too."

"My students were mesmerized and intrigued during the entire hour-long presentation and that is saying a lot of little 5 and 6 year olds! All of the teachers that participated in your presentations today had similar sentiments."

"(Abby and Ella) are professional, engaging, and well informed about this area of heritage that is often overlooked in our classrooms."


"...knowledgeable, confident, and engaging.... (the presentation) included hands on/interactive activities such as books, pictures, and songs."

"They came very prepared for the grade level with books, powerpoint and activities that got the students up out of their seats."

"I was fortunate enough to have these two talented girls present the Gaelic culture to my grade one/two class. A well prepared, organized, balanced presentation with hands on activities to engage young ones through several forms of culture."

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